Movies vs Books

Air, food, water, shelter, and fire are important elements of life for human bings.Without those elements humans could not possibly survive.Those are the obvious ones, but have you ever thought of something else that you couldn't live without?When you answered that question did television, or books come to mind?If they didn't then think again.Entertainment is a very important part of our existence, especially in our culture.Without entertainment, whether it be individual or with a group, humans could not stay sane, hence could not survive.There are many types of entertainment.Humans, since Adam and Eve have been entertaining themselves in all sorts of different ways.As simple as playing with sticks and stones, and as complex as flying F-16 fighting jets; we need entertainment.Two of the most popular forms of entertainment today is watching televison, and reading books.
Reading and writing is one of the oldest forms of communications.Throughout the ages stories have been past down from generation to generation through word of mouth, and through the advent of paper; books.One hundred years ago there was no radio, no cars, and no television.They entertained themselves in different ways then we do today.When they finished their work, instead of plopping themselves on the couch with the remote control, they either sat down with their family and talked, or they read.They read poems, mystery novels, science-fiction novels, romance novels, and so on.People one hundred years ago read much more than we do today, so does that make them smarter than we are today?
When I sit down somewhere to read a book, I have to get prepared.I have to be in a quiet atmosphere, I have to be in the mood to read, and I must be prepared to sit down and read for a time period of at least an hour.If I'm not able to do any one of those things when I start to read, then I will lose my concentration, and I will st…


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