Motives in the Media

In a world littered with mediums of communication, few have the historical significance of the newspaper. It is a part of who we are, and how we view ourselves. Their shapes, size, and color take us collectively to a simpler time, where we recall our parents in a very relaxing setting, reading about the day’s news. The newspaper has an aura of honesty that cannot be denied. It is real, in the sense that it has weight and occupies space. It also is an established medium for delivering the news, information, not just to one small group of people, but to the masses. It is also non-discriminatory in its approach. The news is relayed in text, but also in pictures. One is not required to have a degree in some discipline to understand the news. It is just there. Words relaying facts from a writer to a reader. Yet in a World cluttered with stands full of different papers, how do they all survive, if the sole focus is to relay the news? It is a static medium of information, yet in a sense, it is very dynamic. People read the same newspaper, yet subtly, and without their knowledge, they leave with different thought processes. The articles, or stories, or advertisements have evoked a reaction, however, seldom is it the same reaction. In a World with numerous newspaper agencies vying for the readers eye, there is more of a precedence then ever on the editors of these papers to convey news and other information that will evoke a reaction in the receiving audience, and allow for the writers message to sneak through. What is of interest is the means by which the writers of these stories create these multilayered reactions, and also the nature of the message that is received by the reader.
The primary medium for written communication of information on the University of New Brunswick campus is the Brunswickan Student Newspaper. This newspaper, written to a primarily student audience lends graciously to an analysis of the messages being conveyed to a …


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