Moon Over Buffalo

Although not the talk of the university, “Moon Over Buffalo” was definitely the talk of those who saw it.From one comedic act to another.Whether it was Paul trying to get George’s pants on or just random lines such as “HOLY SHIT!!!”, when George realizes he did not quite “dress for the part”.It gave all the students at Stephen F. Austin something to do and whether we were forced to or went on our own free will, everyone was satisfied.
Buffalo, New York, carries the reputation of being a “third-rate city”, and not the center for the dramatic arts.In the 1950’s, a theatrical company would not boast about playing there.The playwright of “Moon Over Buffalo” uses the city as an example of how low a company has sunk.Buffalo seems like the end of the road for Charlotte and George (Alyssa Yarde and Chad Spear) who battle their contradicting spirits with classics such as “Cyrano” and “Private Lives.”The play opens with a very funny rehearsal scene of “Cyrano.”George strikes out with the serious attitude he tries to bring to the play, all the while creating a funny scene for the audience.In the next scene we discover George is the most mischievous of the group- enough to get him in trouble with Charlotte.She suspects, quite correctly, that he has slept with a fellow actress, Eileen (Jennifer Youle).The pile up of problem starts with Eileen’s pregnancy and continues with the lawyer Richard (Matthew Lyle), who tries to convince Charlotte to run away with him because he has money.Daughter of Charlotte and George, Rosalind (Jessica Francis Mills) brings a TV weatherman to meet her parents, who mistake him for the movie producer, Frank Kapra, of “Scarlet Pimpernel”.All of this happens while George falls into a deep stage of depression and tries to drink his way out of it, getting totally hammered before the matinee.As in a well-crafted parody, the ending brings happiness and peace in an atmosph


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