Break out the no-doz– it's summertime again in Montreal. In the bipolar city of love, this is the season to toss your inhibitions in the trash with your tired winter attitude, strap on your dancing shoes, and get ready to find a party on every street corner. With over forty summer festivals to choose from, Montreal is the place to be if you're looking to add a little culture and excitement to your life.
Montreal truly does summer in style. The city is alive from the ground up-the parks and squares are dressed up in flower beds, fountains, and greenery, and the streets are filled with music. The famous free Jazz Festival in June fills the streets with blues, Cajun music, Latin rythms, gospel, and-of course-jazz. Every Sunday, the Mount Royal Park is brimming with families and the music of the Tam Tams, and who can forget the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival? Montreal summers are like a carnival-all you have to do is get there, and you will find yourself in the midst of an invigorating festival, parade, or show.
Starting with the Mondial (World) Fireworks competition that runs from June 12 through July 28, the City of Love is on fire all summer long. Hosted by La Ronde, an amusement park just a few steps from Downtown Montreal, the Mondial competition has been dubbed the most prestigious pyrotechnics event in the world. As nightfall hits, and the city catches its second wind, the Mondial paints the sky awesome. Celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year, Mondial has 10 spectacular fireworks displays on the program-each lasting 30 minutes! Countries competing in the event include Spain, Holland, France, China, Italy, Germany, and-of course-Canada.
Following up Mondial, but certainly not shadowed by it, is the famous Jazz Fest. Every summer, Montreal hosts the largest Jazz Festival in North America. With more than 350 outdoor, free concerts, the festival never disappoints. For eleven days, the major downtown stre…


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