Money for Some Art

When looking at the question, should the government give financial support to the arts?You have to think about what type of art should the government get involved with and if they should even spend the money on art.
If the government was to give financial support to the arts it should be for things that are government affiliated, such as schools, parks, and memorials.Art in schools allows students to expand there horizons and find things that they are good at, whether it be painting, building, computer graphics, or drawing.As for parks, art gives parks a certain flavor and it gives people reasons to go to parks because they want to look at the artwork that is placed there.Memorials, like the Vietnam War memorial or the Pearl Harbor memorial are thing that the government should give financial support to because of the importance of United States history.
However the government gives money to so many things already that money for art projects can almost seem worthless when compared to the numerous dollars that the government spends already.Things like the war on drugs, the war on terrorism, NASA, and medical science.Though art is important in its own right it takes a back seat to programs that are in place to save lives.
Overall the government should give financial support to some government-affiliated places.Art is an important part of society but the money given to these art programs should be kept within reason.


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