Over the years there have been many respectable artists but one of the most famous of these artists would have to have been French impressionist Claude Oscar Monet.
Monet was born on Nov. 14, 1840 in Paris, France and started showing an appreciation for art at an early age.When he was nineteen Monet decided that he wanted to attend art school and soon after that he entered the studio of Charles Glegre.While he was there he met and worked with other respectable artists such as Frederic Bazille, Auguset Renoir, and Alfred Sisley.
Monet began working outside with the invention of portable tubes of oil paint in the 1840's.Soon he began presenting his pictures of the outdoors sunlight with a direct sketch-like application of bright color.Many felt that would cut off any possibilities of him ever becoming a successful painter.Many of Monet's paintings from this time are extremely loosely structured and the colors seemed to have been applied in strong, distinct strokes as if no
reworking had been attempted.This type of art seemed to suggest that the artist had captured the spontaneous impression of nature.This along with the fact that one of Monet'sfirst paintings was entitled Impression: Sunrise, the press began to label Monet and his colleagues the impressionists.
In the early 1870's Monet and other Impressionists were in desperate need to sell some paintings so in 1874 they decided to appeal directly to the public and had thefirst of many Impressionist exhibitions. The shows lasted a month and although it drew a large crowd not many paintings were actually sold.
As the years progressed so did Monet's technique. By the mid-1880's he had achieved much recognition and he was also, finally, financially secure.At the fourth
Impressionist exhibition in 1879, which took place in Paris, there was a huge turnout and for the time a profit was made.Although a


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