The Impressionist period was a time in which artist wanted to represent the art of painting, not the play and things of life. The Climbing Path, L'Hermitage Pointoise,1875 by Camille Pissarro and The Village of Gardanne,1885-86 by Paul Cezanne will be the two pieces that will be compared.
The Climbing Path ,L' Hermitage Pointoise,1875 by Camille Pissarro was about a valley villiage of L'Hermitage which offered the artist a mix of geometric and organic shapes. The Village of Gardanne,1885-86 by Paul Cezannewas about a town scape with curling organic forms of rolling hills and vegetation.
These two pieces both have geometric and volumetric forms used to create the paintings. The artists in both paintinghad the same goals, they wanted the viewer of eachpainting to feel as if he or she were being captured into the canvas. Cezanne uses brighter color tone ,such as bright orange and bright red, while Pissarro uses a darker tone with his black and dark green color, in the Cezanne piece the painting looked more balanced while in the Pissarro piece the painting looked a bit crowded.
The last two piece that will be compared is The Vernon In The Sun,1894 by Claude Monet
and Impression: Sunrise by ClaudeMonet. In The Vernon In The Sun, Monet depicted Notre

Damne over the town scape of Vernon. However in the Impression: Sunrise, Monet wanted

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to capture the sunrise (the moment it was happening). The two paintings differ because in the

Impression: Sunrise Monet made no attempt to blend the pigment to create smooth tones, but in

The Vernon In The Sun he smoothed out every area on the canvas. In eachpiece he used similar

tone colors ,such aspale pink and purple. Also in both painting he used his signature style of

quick brush strokes….


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