Monet Vs. Van Gough

Between 1858 and 1882 Monet painted 49 still life's, and 21of them were of flowers. In his "Chrysanthemums", the subject combined his interest in gardening and painting.A relation that was displayed even more after he moved to Giverny in 1883. Like his "Bouquet of Sunflowers" of 1881, this still life was probably painted when bad weather had driven the artist indoors. This still life display colors, rhythm, surface and touch to the fullest extent.
In Van Goughs "Oleanders", he believed that these flowers were joyous, and that they bloomed "riotously" were continually "renewing " themselves. In the painting the flowers are placed in a jug, which is symbolically adjacent to a book titled, "La Joie de Vivre" by Emile Zolás. The flowers seem to be leaning towards the book, like how they would lean towards sunlight. Although they are opposites being Monet more classic and Van Gough, I like to call him, stylish, they both did their painting beautifully, the way the subject is brought to life with color. But what I truly loved was their totally different style and painting techniques. Monet's style of painting where the subject appears to be blurry and being able to notice his delicate brush strokes in the petals of the flowers, along with his choice of colors give the painting a classic feel to it.You can see somewhat of a reflection of the vase and flowers on the table; again Monet uses his blurry technique. The light blue background gives it a calming, peaceful effect.


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