On a Sunday morning I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.I saw many amazing, interesting and beautiful paintings and sculptures.As I was walking around, I spotted a painting by Claude Oscar Monet.This painting was called “Terrace at Sainte-Adresse,” which is also known as the “Garden at Sainte-Adresse.”Since I was so interested in this painting scenery, I approached someone who worked there and asked questions about it.
Claude Monet was the best-known painter of the French Impressionist Era.He was particularly remembered for his water garden painting.The “Terrace at Sainte- Adresse” was painted in the summer of 1867 in the family house.He painted this view from one of the upstairs rooms.This painting made me think of happiness and serenity.Thefirst thing that “Terrace at Sainte-Adresse” spotted my eye was Jeanne Marguerite Lecadre’s white dress.Her white dress looks luminous among the red geraniums looking out toward the Atlantic Ocean.Jeanne Marguerite Lecadre is in conversation with a young man wearing a black hat and a black suit.
The man seated is Monet’s father, seen in three quarter views as the viewer, seeming as it was to look over his shoulder.I’ve noticed that there is abundance of flowers on the terrace that Monet’s love of flowers seems to be reminding himself of the connection between pictures and making the painting almost look realistic.The painting reflects in its articulation of the sea, sky, the flowerbeds, his family members and the flags against the glittering backdrop of the sea.The painting appears composed and almost looking realistic and dreamy.His Aunt Sophie Lecadre, sitting right next to his father Adolphe Monet, is sitting holding her white umbrella.She seems like she is represented with respect as she over looks the Atlantic Ocean.
The “Terrace at Sainte-Adresse” where Monet enjoys the breezy scene in front of him has a nice sunny day where someone can see lot…


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