The untitled art work by Lee Bontecou displayed in the museum can be compared very much to the description of chaos.It must be noted that all of the sculptures displayed in the museum by Lee Bontecou are untitled so the titles of them would not distract or influence the viewer's interpretation of the sculpture.The sculpture is a hanging mobile in the fourth room of the retrospective of Lee Bontecuo's art work and is a piece that stands out from the other sculptures in the room.Upon entering you immediately are drawn to the center of this art work as it is a porcelain ball painted mostly black.From this center point the artist connected many long and short wires going in every directions giving you the sense that within all the chaos there is a beginning.At the ends of many of the wires there are smaller porcelain balls similar to the center one.Throughout the sculpture there are many of the smaller balls as the ending points to the wires coming from the center.The long wires with the balls are not the only objects coming from the center of the sculpture.There are also long sheets of what seem to look like long strips of canvas running along or around the center porcelain ball in different directions.The canvas strips are being held up by wires running along the edges of the canvas and attached to it by copper wires which stand out when looking at this sculpture.
The best description of this art work would be if you could picture an exploding sun or star in space with the center being a black hole, the porcelain ball center of the hanging mobile.The long and short wires sticking out in all different directions look similar to the trial left by balls of fire after an explosion of a star in space.The smaller porcelain balls at the ends being the solar matter being shot in every direction by the explosion.The long strips of canvas shooting in different directions can be compared in their appearance to…


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