Modernist art semiotically

1) Investigate the different functions of Abstraction as a sign in the 20th Century.
2) Refer to 4 different artists and their works from 4 different movements and investigate how these artists choice of certain symbols and materials and expressive forms communicated their particular world.
3) Select one artist from the above 4 and research in depth a range of works exploring their visual language of abstraction and how this communicated their particular interests, practices subject matter and point of view of the world.
In the artistic realm, the artists thought process is morphologically transformed through the art materials and forms into signs, symbols and imagery. Signs and symbols play a dominant role in 20th Century art; the artist used this medium as a language to portray intentions of varying differences. Signs and symbols can function on many different levels of fluctuating depth; they may operate via objects or images and may have their origins in visual reality and non-reality visuals.
Abstraction may present itself in many different forms. It may be approached in the form of philosophical abstraction which uses the ideas and knowledge drawn by a philosopher or philosophers as well as the artists own understanding of a subject, and re-contextualises these ideas into signs and symbols of different meanings designed physically as a means of communicating to an audience.
Abstract expressionism, known affectionately as the high point in modern art, can be one example of philosophical abstraction. American artists at the time of its birth were becoming interested in Jungian and Freudian theories. Psychoanalytical theory was crucial to the development of abstract expressionism, it emphasised mythic archetypes, the unconscious and non-Western imagery. This genus that began in the 1940s presented the act of painting as an expression of internal, creative and philosophical energies. Expressionistic abstraction could use…


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