Millenium Theatre

On October, 10th a concert took place in Millennium Theater which I attended with one of my close friends.It was put together by a Russian organization called''Our Talented Children'' This was the semi-final, The performers in this concert were children that have been already chosen from previous television shows because in order to have been selected for this concert the performers had to be selected by Russian television viewers. There were 2 age groups split into 5-12 years old and 13-18.Songs in many different languages were sung and there was mostly ballroom dancing.I sat in the 12th isle; there were many people in the audience including reporters from different Russian newspapers, and magazines.When I got there I noticed many posters with different sponsor's names from different company's and offices. Each performer had their own sponsor. There were 8 judges consisting of Russian pop stars and recording producers.
I liked most of the performances. I enjoyed listening to songs in Yiddish, Hebrew, Russian, English and many more different languages. The Costumes were very colorful and were very pretty. There were over 50 performances, there were many different genres of music some were romantic, opera, jazz, modern, and classical.The concert started off with a cartoon movie that showed all the children before they were selected for this concert.
Thefirst few numbers were ballroom dances. Thefirst vocal number was a girl who was 13 years old by the name of Alisa; she was my favorite number in the whole entire concert.She sang a song that was called''I Wanna Be Loved by You'' that was originally Marilyn Monroe's song. She wore a blonde wig and a blue dress covered with rhinestones to portray Marilyn Monroe's performance in the Movie''Some Like It Hot'' It was a very original performance and the audience enjoyed it very much, t


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