Michael Flatley

It seemed that Michael Flatley was at the top of his career when he was asked to leave the world renowned dance group Riverdance.This was quite a surprise considering very gifted entertainer/choreographer appeared to be the secret behind Riverdance's success from the beginning.The basis for this decision was apparently due to Flatley's uncompromising demands in how he wanted the show to run.Demands such as control over his own artistic interpretations, requiring two full pages printed in the program of his biography and a much larger salary.To many these demands seemed very arrogant and egotistical.His self-centered attitude seemed to cloud the idea that a production was not made by one person alone.Since the Riverdance business culture was not responsive to just one entertainer, this clashed with their entire teamwork atmosphere.Thus they were not able to give in to Flatley's demands.After careful consideration Flatley was let go.Here is where the'Lord of the Dance' decided to assemble his very own production company without being stifled from his craftmanship.
During this pentacle point in Michael Flatley's career we begin to take a look back at the many other opportunities that could have taken place.First of all, the main controversy between Riverdance and Flatley was that they would not meet his demands to take control and project himself as a star.Since teamwork and mutual collaborations was what Riverdance prided itself upon, this significant discrepancy in their culture was not going to be condoned.A fair compromise in this matter could have been as simple as Flatley lowering his demands to be printed in numerous pages of the program or Riverdance allowing him to have more control over his art and interpretations.Since he was very stubborn about not losing his artistic influence and demanded more pay, another option would have been to have waited it out.The media …


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