Merengue En Boca Chica

"Merengue en Boca Chica," reveals a bright and moving piece of work that makes native Puerto Rican music come to mind.In the painting there is a group of three Hispanic males playing various instruments.These three figures are painted in such a way that they appear to be moving to the rhythm of the music.Their posture suggests rhythmic movements, as their arms are moving to play these instruments.Their legs are apart while their heads seem to be still while concentrating on their individual parts in the music.Their hands and overall body language shows content and satisfied performance of their indigenous music.In addition to the three men, there is one woman who seems to be relaxing in front of them as if listening to the music. She is dressed in a bathing suit with her feet elevated on a chair and footrest.Her left hand is slapping her thigh gently to the rhythms she hears while she enjoys the surroundings of nature.
The setting for this painting is a "pueblo," or a small village surrounded by palm trees.The presence of what looks like sand suggests that the village may be at or in front of a beach.So, this painting puts the audience either in the water facing the figures and village, or just in front of the water facing the village/ figures.
Other things seen in the picture besides people are cigarette butts, lounge chairs, palm trees, lounge chairs (2), houses, musical instruments, clouds, sky, grass, debris, and various types of leaves and dead palms.The instruments in the painting are the guira, the tambora, the guitar, and a cajon.
In "Merengue en Boca Chica", many colors were used.The painting is exuberant and bursting with various shades of red, yellow, blue, brown, aqua, green, pink, beige, and gray.The lightest color is yellow, which one can clearly see in the clouds, cigarette butts, and souls of sneakers.The darkest color is black, which can be found prim…


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