Men of honour


Edgar Degas artwork called "Before the take off". Edgar degas was a landscape painter which is evident in this artwork were the scene is set on a green grass field landscape. Though he usually works on a studio but he would also do some artworks outside.

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The scene is set in a grass field hence the green grass. The title says, " Before the take off so this area must be set in a race course. The images that are shown are jockeys on their horses getting ready for a big race. This presentation is like naturalistic presentation as it has been drawn from real life. The artwork creates a calming mood as it is before the race and usually before a race is about to start the crowd would go quiet and it would sound calm.
The relationship of the viewer to the subject is like the, viewer is the observer as we are watching through Edgar Degas eyes, because he too would have obviously been observing the race.

The medium of this artwork is a oil pastel work. The use of pastel is by line and uses blck quite frequently to trace around the images, for example the horses and the jockeys have a black outline on them to let the viewer distinguish the images been shown on the art work.

Also the use of brown as the base colour for the horses then the sue of black lines to work over the brown base colour creates that tone and definition and black is also use the create shadows on the images. There is no visual perspective but as you can see the horses are lined up repetitively horizontal to the top right so I would be guessing that the perspective would be pointing towards the top right corner of the artwork.

Theuse of yellow on the jockey on the closest end, his shirt is full of texture as u can see it been worked over quite a lot because you can see the impurities of the colour, if you look closely to it there are a few colours not just yellow theirs also a little bit of black and a darker yel…


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