Media Violence

In the past 4 years, there has been a significant amount of violence in films, television,

music, and on the news. Ever since Columbine High School, there has been a crack

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down on violence in the media. This has put actors, directors, and artists to censor there own

artistic view and also ignore the 1st ammedment, freedom of speech. The question is how far

is too far and how can it be stopped? Does the media have that much of an impact on

our lives? Are EMINEM’s lyrics too vulgar and put you on the verge of commiting an act of

violence? By watching movies like SCREAM and THE BASKETBALL DIARIES does that

encourage you to go and kill a massive amount of people? Also, what about television, does it

have a huge impact on how we view life and also learn values? All these questions I hope to

answer for you and give you a better understanding of how the media in fact does effect you

and also warning signs outside of the media and what people are doing to try to stop it.”

Films encourage directors to shoot movies with there artistic appeal. Then why do

activists want THE BASKETBALL DIARIES to be returned to Miramax for its graphic scene

where Leonardo Di Caprio pulls out a gun and kills a teacher and 2 students in a dream

sequence.Well, in this case “a 14 year old boy claimed that the 1995 movie inspired him to

begin firing on students at a Kentucky High School. Freydkin belives that “fantasy took over in

place of reality”. She also states that “they were caught up in a fantasy world. And music and

movies can be triggering factors if you get into a total fantasy world and lose the connection to

the real world.” Sound far fetched? Think about THE MATRIX fashion trend when Keanu

Reeves sports a black trenchcoat in the film. This fits into bridging fantasy with reality. Director

Kevin Smith of DOGMA always considers “the question of Columbine”.

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