Medeival Art

Studying medieval art is an intriguing time in art history.Problems arise with location and time which it involved.Deciphering the geographical area when the Middle Ages begin and end is still debated. Knowing how this time period came about is essential to understanding it. The Christian religion had never been as influential in art as it was during the times of the middle Ages.
The medieval period can be loosely said to begin at around 300 A.D. through 1450 A.D.The place which encompasses medieval time includes Europe, and the regions of Asia and Africa.The Christian world of the middle Ages was not just in Europe in extended to the shores of the Mediterranean.Style was the most important characteristic to this time which was fueled by Christianity.Christianity the main influencing factor in the Middle Ages was not a product of the middle Ages but rather a revival of classic antiquity or using old ideas in this new era.Without the emphasis of Christian faith in the Middle Ages the significance of it may have been much less because of the accomplishment in art and architecture which Christianity brought about.The expression in Medieval Art had been used before in the ancient cultures of the Greeks and Romans who used similar ideals of those expressed during this time period but some new attitudes were added to those adapted from earlier cultures.
It was influences of the Latin and barbarian attitudes which contributed to the Romanesque and Gothic time periods.Art in the Middle Ages was time of many accomplishments through different cultures and time periods which arose, also experimentationwith new styles, along with classical ideas blended with new oneswhich went on to influence the world now and into the future.Medieval art contributed to classical antiquity to form a new style unseen before which has had a major impact on modern art.
In the West, there are four periods or styles which art…


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