Matt Groening

Matt Groening spent his child life in Portland, Oregon USA. His father was a Cartoonist and a film producer of surfing films. He had a mother called Margaret, a father called Homer and two little sisters called Lisa and Maggie. This is where the Simpson characters got their names. He grew up watching TV sitcoms like "Leave It To Beaver" about a boy called Beaver who got up to all sorts of adventures; "Aussie and Harriet" and "Dennis the Menace".
When He became a teenager he started to draw Charlie Brown from Peanuts as he read them so frequently. These were hisfirst cartoons. At School he was an under achiever. He got terrible test results and unfair grades. So he swore never to take another test again. He was very lucky, as he found a college with no tests or grades and he studied what he wanted when you wanted. This was the Evergreen State College. All the great art and music minds went there and Matt started real cartooning. He had friends there who also cartooned and so he was not unusual in any way.
Then he started to draw Joe. He was a version of Charlie brown with a big nose and eyes on one side of his head only. Later on he started to wear a fez and Matt called him Akbar. Then Akbar got a brother called Jeff who looked exactly the same. He started to draw comic strips with them but you couldn’t tell who was who. They would have fights about certain things and you would not be able to tell who had which idea. ;A Life in Hell; was only with a rabbit called Binky. Matt would draw him in his attic with police sirens and helicopter buzzing and wailing out side so his tension would be high, hence the title, and would send them off to various newspapers to be printed in them. This was hisfirst job. Later on again Sheeba, Binky’s girlfriend was introduced. So he introduced Akbar and Jeff into "A Life in Hell" and everyone was happy.


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