Mask in society

“Masks have served humankind for centuries as artistic instruments, educational tools and have often reflected and magnified human nature while revealing the inner desires and fears of the human heart.However, as we stand in the 90’s we have little or no need for masks.Theatre has developed and moved swiftly, parents and schools educate children and humankind no longer feels the need to see their true feelings interpreted and portrayed by performers.Masks and mask work must take their place in the relics cupboard as quaint antiquities.They simply cannot withstand the break neck speed of the 90’s- they have lost their appeal and relevancy.”
As society dives head first into the 21st century one cannot deny that there are a number of apparently frivolous concepts which are being sacrificed in the name of technology.Peripheral ideals and out-dated innovations such as LP’s, tie dying and the ozone layer are being rightfully pushed aside as the world makes ready for bigger and better things.But the question arises, should masks be included within this list of irrelevant notions?To fully comprehend and reply to this one must have a detailed knowledge of mask throughout history, its educational, theatrical and entertainment value, and most importantly, its current appeal and relevancy in the eyes of today’s society.
To completely understand and appreciate the entirety of mask and the impact it has made one mustfirst know something of its origins and history.It is not surprising that the birth of mask is most apparent in the same country that is credited with the parentage of drama itself, Greece.
Ancient Greek theatre is most renown for its Tragedy and Comedy, including works such as Oedipus Rex and The Wasps.Playwrights such as Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes were capable of ‘enthralling their audiences and moving them to strong emotions- apprehension, compassion, sorrow’ and joy (EXTENDED STUDY: MASK).But…


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