Masaccio compared to Fillipo Lippi

Fra Filippo Lippi was born in Florence in 1406. His parents were Antoniaand TommasoLippi. He had a family of his own. His wife named Lucrezia who was born 1433 and was a nun for the church before she met Fra Lilippo Lippi. And he had a son and daughter. His son Fillipino was born in 1457. And he too later in his life began to paint and was known as a great painter like his father. And his daughter named Alessandra who was born in 1465. She was the youngest of Filippo. Masaccio was born in San Giovanni Altura which is now San Giovanni Valdarno, near Florence on December 21, 1401 which was the very beginning of the fourteenth century. He was thefirst great painter of the Italian Renaissance. Masaccio was called Clumsy Thomas because of his clumsiness. He owes his Christian name to St. Thomas on whose saint's day he was baptized. He was an absent minded and careless person. Which was probably the reason he never had a family of his own. His father was Giovanni di Mone Cassai a nottary by profession. Cassai comes from the trade of his father's family who were carpenters who build chests. Masaccio's father died in 1406 when he was only five years old, and in the same year his brother Giovanni was born. And his mother was Monna Jacopa di Martinozzo. Later Masaccio's mother remarried to Tedesco del Maestro Feo, widower like herself and much older than she was. The stepfather, a well-to-do spice merchant, guaranteed Masaccio and his family a very comfortable childhood.


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