In this paper, I am going to explore the differences between communism and socialism and how different the thoughts and opinions of these two ways of life are from the current western views on religion and God.To explain about the differences between socialism/communism and western thoughts on religion I will explore the writings of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels.They are founders and writers of a lot of the socialist and communist thoughts on religion and God.In our western society when we discuss God and religion, people for the most part are going to lean one way or another when it comes to their beliefs on religion.If you are from the western part of globe like myself the views and thoughts hinge on the belief of God as a superior being, a perfect one, one who controls everything that happens.The other side of the coin in western culture would be the atheist who does not believe in God at all.There are many other views about God and Religion that differ greatly from the views that are held throughout the western regions of the world.In a lot of the Eastern countries of the world the teaching of the Socialist and Communist parties that rule these areas of the world has influenced the views that have been passed down and taught through out the years.Communism and Socialism do not believe in the theory that there is one perfect God and that you can only receive salvation through him.
In the western religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, God is the one and only Supreme Being, the Creator of everything. Nothing exists in the world to these religions unless God had created it. God is the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, all good and eternal to salvation. God created the world and all its components for a purpose. God created human beings to know, to love, to honor, to serve and to obey Him.God is to be thought of in masculine terms, even though God is a pure spirit and has no material or bodily parts. Hu…


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