Marketing (BM3021) Case Study

Marketing (BM3021) Case Study – Laura Ashley
Marketing (BM3021) Case Study – Laura Ashley
1. How did Laura Ashley brand position as a product, company, country and a person?
The use of brands is very important in modern market systems, it is usually a name or logo which differentiates the product from competitors as well as being something consumerswill recognise and buy again (loyalty).The brand Laura Ashley has always been a central part of the companies strategy. What did people expect from Laura Ashley?: a product that was floral, traditional, feminine, quality andstood the test of time, a product with a clear identity and character.
It was Laura’s ability to take old (often Victorian) designs and bring them into a modern idiom that caused the initial success. This all changed during the 90’s when new fabrics and styles were used, and the brand was put on a diverse range of products.
The brand image set by Laura Ashley as a company was complex and appealed to many types of people.It was a business that promoted strong, genuine, traditional family values, this was an excellent promotion tool.
“Laura convinced herself that the business was not merely ‘a family business’, It was her family.” – Anne Sebba, even by the late 90’s a third of all shares were still controlled by Sir Bernard Ashley himself.
The fact that the company started off as a local factory selling to only a few stores in London is appealing to the more patriotic clientele.Also then, we can refer to the retailing methodology that this company used, which was not reliant upon advertising.The retailer;s brand image was created through store ambience, and an overall enjoyable shopping experience.This would reflect also upon Laura herself in terms of her personal image and branding.Perhaps the larger stores in America were less successful due to a lacking in these departments, (the high staff turnover in the late 90’s ).
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