Margaret Preston history

In a period of time where many of Australia's artists were woman, a time confused with war's that had been and war's that were to come, a time when art was pure and true one particular female artist rose above the rest, and her name was Margaret Preston. Born in Adelaide in early 1875 she lived a long eighty eight years, and in those years provided some of the greatest and most unique art Australia had ever seen. She moved around a lot in her childhood, jumping from city to city along the eastern coast but at the fairly young age of nineteen was suddenly brought back to the city of her birth to be by her sailor father as illness lead to his death in 1894.
It was back in Adelaide where she took up her major art training at the Adelaide school of design, and also landed herfirst job as a teacher. She very much enjoyed this job, as it had nothing much to do with her personal art. The reason this was good for her is because she strived to create her art strictly for pleasure rather than profit, something she well achieved. Of course, if it wasn't money she was getting she would gladly accept praise, and to see just how well her works where doing in the world she planned a trip to England and Europe in 1904 and stayed a three years that were anything but short to her. She hated the art in Europe, and the feeling was mutual: over there her art wasn't quite as impressive as she'd hoped, to put it kindly. The people were admiring paintings that she thought terrible, and that was on a good day.
Soon after this unpleasant experience she turned to the learning of Japanese art at the Musee Guimet and came to happily accept that "there is more than one vision in art". After coming to this acceptance she took quite a liking to a very decorative style as used by the Ile de Noirmouter artist, Norman Carter.
She finally tied the knot with George Preston (her maiden name being McPherson) in Australia


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