Malvolio Essay

In the play”Twelfth Night” the character, Malvolio, is an ill mannered steward.Although Malvolio is ill mannered I truly believe he was treated wayto harshly be the others.Malvolio’s departure also leaves a loose end in the plot which weakens the play.
Even if Malvolio was ill mannered, he’s treatment by the others was way to harsh.There is no reason for a person to suffer such treatment for being accused of being a “puritan” and so the characters pranks at his expense are more mean than their playfulness suggests.Wishing for Olivia’s love and to be more than his current rank and his continuous disapproval of Sir Toby and Sir Andrew’s drinking, earns him their hatred and quickly becomes their pawn in a complex romantic ruse.Atfirst I thought the prank was funny and was just to have a little laugh.Sending a letter telling Malvolio that Olivia loves him and that if he wants to make her happy he should do certain foolish things such as wear yellow stockings is the kind of harmless prank we see often enough in our society.If the prank would of ended there it would of been just fine but since they want further and they locked him and tied up in a dark chamber for excuse saying he had gone mad.I don’t believe anyone should be locked in a chamber like that even less when they didn’t do anything wrong and even worst they accused him of being mad.Malvolio doesn’t deserve none of this all his done was be pretty boring and maybe a bit ill mannered which I don’t think is all that bad, and they could of at least tried to talk to him about it if it bothered them so much.
At the end, Malvolio is released and he leaves threatening to have revenge on the whole pack of them.I don’t think he overreacted because I probably would of done something like that.This leaves a loose and in the plot because we don’t know what will happen with him, he might just leave and never come back or not leave at all but


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