Madame X

The work of art I will be describing will be "Madame X", by John Singer Sargent, was done in 1884, on an oil canvas, page 59.I will be describing the work of art as it appears in our text.The painting is of a lady standing with her hand gripping the edge of a small circular table, slightly above her knees, set on her right side.The picture was done in many different shades of black, grays, and white.The back round appears to be a room with nothing on the wall or floor.The wall is a dark shade of gray and then gradually lightens as it meets with the floor.Where the floor meets with the wall the floor appears to be a dark shade of gray and then gradually lightens as it moves forward to where the lady is standing and to where the painting is cut off as it's base.The painting is extremely vivid and almost looks like a photograph, it is extremely detailed and realistic.The lady is standing with her hand on the table as I described above, with her hand of the small table to her right, she has her head turned to her left as if she is looking at something or is simply "camera shy".She appears to be what we commonly refer to as "white" or Caucasian,she has her hair done up in some kind of elegant braid, and she is wearing some kind of elegant gown or dress.Her hair appears to be black, she has petite facial features and is fairly attractive.The straps to her dress are of a gold chain-like configuration and are fasined to the dress with intricate buttons.The dress fits her "hour-glass" figure fairly snug, the dress appears to be black and is made so life-like by the light shadowing effect that the painter has incorporated.Her breasts appear to be fairly large, she has a small waste and the dress "poofs" out a bit around her "back side", excentuating her hour-glass figure, the dress then flows down to the ground, hiding her feet by the shadowing.The tab…


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