Machine Hands

My sister collects butterflies, you name it and she probably has it when it comes to them.She has butterfly wallpaper, little ceramic sculptures of butterflies, books, little dead ones pined up for display, and of course little glass sculptures all over.About a month ago I was in search of a new butterfly to give to my sister for her birthday.I found myself in this little shop in of all places main street Disneyland.This little Asian man was behind the counter holding these clear rods of glass with this beautiful blue flame shooting out strongly from in front of him.He was melting and manipulating the glass that he had in his hand to look like a dolphin, it was one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen in my life before.
This story is why I picked Hans-Godo Frabel to do my paper on.Hans-Godo Frabel is a very well known Torch artist; in his time he was known as one of the founders of modern torch-work art in America.However he didn't always live here.
Born in Germany during the Second World War, Frabel was brought up in one of the harshest environments in the world at the time.Frabel was joined with a Glass artiststarted his apprenticeship and was a part of Germanys Master Craftsman program. The master craft program is the legal basis for admission into a craft. Only a natural or legal person listed in the Register of Craftsmen is allowed to independently operate a craft enterprise; registration requires qualification as a master craftsman (Meister) in the respective craft. This is also an entitlement to train apprentices. In limited exceptional cases, master craftsmen can work in other crafts for which they are not registered.Along with his title of master craftsman he also got the nickname "Machine Hands", because of the precise movements of his hands and how quickly he works.
After reading up on Hans-godo for a while and looking at his work I rea


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