Lately, the president of the United States Bill Clinton, has pursued
some policies that have been very unpopular not only with the general public
but the electorate as well.Besides the whole Monica ordeal he feels that
these unpopular policies will effect the results of the next election.The
presidential advisors have formulated countless plans but no plan has seemed
to work.One idea would be to leave the unpopular policies as they are
because of the president and advisors belief that they are the best for the
country.Another option would be to just present the unpopular policies in a
new way to maybe change public opinion on them.Still another would be to
just ignore the policies and concentrate on the election.No matter what
option , if any, should be chosen one must be thought up quick and it must not
only address the problem but solve it and fast.
Since I have recently learned about Machiavelli and his work titled The
Prince I feel his opinions would help to influence some decisions for the
president and his advisors.Afirst and very important view of Machiavelli
would be his view of the prince and his advisors."It is an infallible rule that
a prince who is not wise himself cannot be well advised."(p.117)As it is up
to the prince to be well advised it is also up to the president to be well
advised as well.The president's advisors, as well as the president, are not
sure what actions to take, which in Machiavelli's view would not be a good
characteristic of a leader and as a result would not help gain friendship of the
people.Good relationship with the people is one of his greatest points
because without the people there is no leader.
The leader, the president, must have the support of the people and if
not he will not stay in power long.The president is not doing a good job of
this because of his very unpopular poli


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