Macbeth- the play

William Shakespeare wrote the play, Macbeth.First published in 1603, the true elements of this plot give it more of an interesting theme.This play deals with the conflicts of power and fear.Macbeth is a story about the consequences of greed and success.
At the beginning of the play, three witches give somewhat of a narration about the up coming events that are about to take place in the story.Macbeth has just come back from war and has been greeted by the king of Scotland, Donalbain. Due to his bravery while away at war, the king prepares a special welcoming in his honor.In scene three of act one, the witches again reveal themselves and try to scare Macbeth out of his plains of one-day gaining success over his country.After telling his wife about the prophecies from the witches, Lady Macbeth decides to take action into her own hands by killing off the person who has gained their trust and respect, Duncan.While in their home, Lady Macbeth plains out a scheme to pin the responsibility of the death of the king on his two servants.After all has happened, Macbeth is given the thrown just like the witches had prophesied. And this is the start of the beginning of a long power struggle to stay on top, witch eventually ends!
up with the death of the once respected Macbeth.
Lady Macbeth is truly a woman before her time.In act two of scene two she curses her own husband by saying "Infirm of purpose", which was never heard of in this particular time era. Then by taking the fate of her own husband's life and hers, after Macbeth's attempts to fail, and correcting it, shows her bravery in this relationship.Even though she is not mentioned that much in this play, her strength is evident through in her husband's actions and thoughts while king.
If a person is looking for a strong fearless role of a woman, the part of Lady Macbeth is breath taking.Also another really good scene between two men is in…


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