M. C. Escher

M. C. Escher

M. C. Escher was born in 1898. He was born in a small suburb outside a southern town in the Netherlands.he was greatly known for his surreal artwork done between 1930-1970. M. C. Escher’s artwork could play tricks with the human eye. many of his artwork was used by scientist. They marveled at his logic and used his work to prove their theories. Some of his drawings could not be physically made, which added a sight twist to modern day art.
M. C. Escher had his own unique style of art. Using mostly black and white he created amazing masterpieces. His favorite style of artwork was mind games and optical illusions. the general mood one gets when gazing at the artwork is an overall theme of confusion. However, there is no hidden meaning in this artwork.
QueenWilhelmina ruled over the Netherlands while Escher was alive. She then gave her throne to her daughter Juliana. M. C. did not have a sponsor, he had to provide for himself through the good times and the bad. he was very well received during his lifetime and people bred his artwork.
M. C. Escher’s father was a civil engineer. When Escher was very young his parents discovered he had a talent for drawing. So he went to school to study at the school of Architecture and Decorative arts in Harlem. he gave this up when he was 21 years old because he only wanted to focus on art….

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