Lysanders fall from grace

*** LIBERTINE – One who acts without moral restraint; a dissolute person
***Pastoral – idealized rural life
***Chiasmus – ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your
***Alliteration – repetition of a speech sound in a series of words
*** detumescent – Reduction or lessening of a swelling, especially the restoration of a swollen organ or part to normal size
13 With a charming languishment (To be or become weak or feeble).
14 Yet gently strove (to exert much energy/to struggle or fight forcefully)OXYMORON
18 SUPPLICANT? Creates image of a baby, fetal position. Wants to scold him for being a bad boy.Woman is stronger.
20she wants to say what the fuck is wrong with you but she encourages him on.Would a man be equally as kind to a woman in such a situation?
25 Cease Cease!Playing the part of the innocent girl who wants no part of it.
28 Ultimatums Lysander.Retire or Fuck me, beautiful.
29/30 conquest of heart.Blowing smoke up ass.Making him feel like a REAL man.Ego boost.Sure, you're in control.
74+88 Doesn't have hardon because he has too much love for her.
95 Everything that should be fueling his bone is fueling his rage/shame.
103 calls her hand timorous (timid) but there was nothing timid about it 16.
104 Cloris' hand touches his cock but of course it is "by chance" because a true woman of the time wouldn't grab a cock like a cock hungry hobag
The curses:curses everything except himselfEnters a state of madness, his love has quickly departed and what remains is a self-absorbed man in a state of despair.A state of Hell.Lysander and Cloris's love will never recover from this, made clear by the metaphor of her run through the


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