We have all come across that small four letter word that means so much. No matter if it is towards family members, friends, or in a relationship, we all have experienced love. When asked, what is love? Most people would not have an answer because they feel that love is hard to define. I feel that true love is even harder to define. What is true love and how do we know that the love we have is true?
Loving a family member is different from a friend or an intimate partner. You still love them, but the feelings are different. It is easier to love a family member unconditionally than it is to love a friend or partner unconditionally. Some people feel that family is family no matter what and that a friend will come and go. Love should not have any limits. Loving a friend should not be any different. Not only should you love family unconditionally but friends and partners as well.
Love just does not exist within family members and friends, but it also can exist within a community. In "Community Properly Understood," Robert Bellah states that a "community makes most people feel good, associated as it is with warmth, friendship, and acceptance (Bellah 121)." There has to be some sort of love in the community for it to run smoothly. The people have to care, have patience, be kind, and be accepting to one another and the rules that are governed throughout the community. Bellah also mentioned that in order to develop a "good community," you have to come to a consensus that can be altered over a period of time if needed. A community needs arguments and conflicts to learn about one another's likes and dislikes. By learning you are only creating a stronger community (Bellah 122).
The Bible gives perfect words and phrases to describe love. These phrases tell you both what love is and what love is not. In First Corinthians the thirteenth chapter of the Bible, verses four through seven states that,


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