In the opera TURANDOT, there are two characters that give me deep impression. One is Princess Turandoc; the other is the maid Liu. The two characters are so different that they make a strong comparison. One is cold, cruel, elegant and prideful; the other is passional, kind, pitiful and gentle. They shall not have much contact, but was connected by a man; they come from two different worlds, but have so many conflicts. One does not believe in true love, but is finally conquered by it; One has the true love in heart, and later willingly sacrifices herself to it. They are both extraordinarily beautiful, one in appearance and one in mind. From the story of Turandot and Liu, we know it the truth—-love will never die.
Liu, as the maid of Price Calaf, loved her lord deeply. When Calaf and his father were in trouble and danger, everyone left them except Liu. It was she who took care of Calaf and gave him comfort. She was satisfied even with a smile from Calaf. But her sweetheart loved another woman—-Turandoc. It is easy to image that Liu must have struggled for a long time, but her final decision was—- to sacrifice herself to her love.
When Princess Turandoc forced her to say Calaf??s name in order to take his life, she refused to do so even bearing tortures. ?°I know his name,?± she said, ?° but my greatest joy is to keep it as my secret alone.?± Turandoc asked her: ?°What gives your heart such strength??± She answered :?°It??s love, Princess.?±
She bore a great, secret love. She bore the tortures even with joy, because then she felt she had something to offer to her lord. She said to Turandoc: ?°By keeping silent, I give him your love, and I lose everything.?± She then used a dagger to end her life. She died peacefully, for she knew Turandoc would finally love him—-her sacrifice would no be in vain.
Liu closed her weary eyes, so that Calaf could remain triu


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