Love Poems


Only you, can make me feel the way,
I felt so long ago.
Only you, can make me act this way,
and let my feelings show.
Only you, can hold me,
and let my feelings stay the same.
Only you, can argue with me,
and let me know I’m not to blame.
Only you, can look at me,
and let me know how much you care.
Only you, cannot differ my feelings,
even if yours aren’t there.
Only you, can talk to me,
the way you did back then.
Only you, can drop my heart,
and pick it up again.
Only you, can love me,
in your so strange ways.
Only you, can act sincere,
then not talk to me for days.
Only your, heart can need me,
but refuse to let me in.
Only you, can be the loser,
yet still and always win.
Only you, can open my heart,
and not know what’s inside.
Only you, can need me,
but still set me aside.
Only you, can act this way,
yet still I want you more.
Only you, can make me feel,
the way you did before.
Only you, can want me,
and make me want you too.
Only you, can do the things,
that no one else can do.

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-Mary Ashley Price


I had waited a long, long time,
for a love to be just mine;
Yet when I thought that it was found,
my kismet went and hit solid ground;
My family say “you are worthy!!!”,
what they mean is “how is she???”;
Although my path has alls’ respect,
it’s the only one to bear regrets;
She is simple, she is pure,
but for my family there is no cure;
I may love her with all my heart,
yet our destiny can only part;
I’d give her shade in days of heat;
but my folks have got me beat;
All they do is for my best,
beside the heartache in my chest;
I know I owe them everything,
but, if only I could ask one thing;
Please don’t spurn her, don’t let her go,
for she was the only one to ever know;
What beats in this heart of mine,
my one true love till the end of time;
Yet you could never let it be,
so please don’t cry wh…


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