I sit here in my chair staring at the screen with the sound of a mystical love song in the distance.I stare at the blank screen like a television watching all the memories that I have with her.My heart is throbbing with anticipation to see her again, but it's hard because I don't know when that special day will come again.I love everything about her, her beautiful eyes that seem to have the depth of eternity.Her smile is as radiant as the sun; it lights up all of my surroundings and creates a warm feeling within my presence.Her heart is so passionate and I am forever blessed that it chose me.My life is so complicated with so many things to do and prepare for, but when she came into my life everything became simpler.The only thing that is frustrating is our age, for I wish that we did not have an age because then I could be with her without obstacles in our way.Our relationship is something that people would look up to because we have a rare love for each other that is full of perfection.In reality we are looked down on because of a rule that should have never been enforced.I trust her with every amount of trust I behold, she is someone I could spill my life too and form a life with her.Again I still sit here staring at the screen with the sound of a mystical love song with the renewed hope that her and I will get our happy ending that we deserve.I love you Ashley with all of my heart and I hope one day we can be together like we should be….


I'm Sandulf

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