Louis Sullivan

The Autobiography of an Idea was published 1924. Louis Sullivan wrote this autobiography as a way to let you know who he was and what he believed in. He felt that his life was dedicated in forming a new style of architecture that would set the United States apart from the European countries. He wanted to break away from the tradition styles that have been used for the last century and a half. This tribute shows you that architecture was his passion, and he wanted everyone to follow him.
Louis Sullivan was born on September 3rd 1856 in Boston, Massachusetts. His father Patrick, and his mother Andrienne, had a rough way of life. They both made their way to America from different regions of Europe. Louis was raised by his parents until he was the age of five. He then was taken to his grandparents in a small town called South Reading. As he grew he found that he enjoyed to art of dancing and began to love natures beauty.
Louis's father opened a summer school in Newburyport. Patrick had told Andrienne that her parents were too soft for their son, and they pampered him. His mother arrived to reclaim her son and also to visit with her parents. Soon after, both left for Newburyport by train. He later endured another move, the return to Boston. Here he would join another school that would help him with his creative mind. At the age of 9 Louis was enrolled in The New Rice Grammar School. He later entered the Boston English High School where he dropped out at the age of 16 to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After only one year he dropped out once again to move to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to live with his grandparents.
In Philadelphia, while living with his grandparents, he decided he would try to gain employment with Furness and Hewitt. He later had a disagreement with George Hewitt and moved to Chicago, Illinois with his parents. There he gained employment with William Jenney.


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