Lord of the rings

Usually, when dealing with a piece of writing we will soon discover that reality influences it. What I mean is that the author is immerse in asocial, political, cultural and economic circumstances (within many other types of them) which will have a notorious effect on his production. It happens very often, I would say in most of the cases, that, conscious or unconsciously, personal experiences, ideologies and judgements have their way out from the writer's mind through his work. Something that distinguishes The Lord of the Rings series is that this factual reference is very difficult to establish. From my point of view, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien manages to deal with issues that have to do with the deepest human nerve and its essence but without getting punctual so the novel becomes universally appealing and transcendental.
This combination of an ample span but a profound sight makes for the admiration these books inspire. Love, loyalty, conflict between good and evil, friendship, power and many other aspects of human life are analysed through these pages and with such capability that one cant do anything but clap and admit that something great has derived from this man's work. They won't be changing for millennia so Tolkien has assured that even if civilisations pass, his work, unstained from history allegories, will remain interesting for people all around the globe.
Although this feature might become also a major inconvenient when trying to give the text a thorough analysis given that it is more difficult to understand Tolkien's motivations and intentions a closer look to something critical in the novel as the creation of a parallel universe and to the writer's greatest passion some conclusions can be made to get a nearer idea of Eru's or Iluvatar's making.
What powerfully attracted my attention when Ifirst read the Lord of the Rings was the ability to give birth to a cosmos so plausible and…


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