Lord of the flies

Civilization's Control Over Man
The Lord of the Flies shows that, in the absence of civilization, people lose the sense of being civilized and the dark and savage side of themselves surfaces out.This happens to a group of kids stuck on an island.William Golding, the author of the novel, expresses his opinion on savagery, an act of cruelty or violence, in this book.He makes it quite clear that savagery is an essential character of man and that it exists in all of all, but civilization keeps it under control.This has been shown in history numerous times, some cases have shown the opposite; that civilization cannot control them, or it can keep them in control only to an extent.
We all have the capability of savagery inside of us.Everyone has gotten in a physical fight before or hit his brother of sister, haven’t you?That is an act of violence.So then, you are savage, and so am I, and everyone else in this world, but civilization keeps us under control but, only to an extent.If it maintained total control, one wouldn’t get in a fight without something terrible happening to him/her as a punishment.The world would have total peace.But then, how could we have peace without war?We just wouldn’t know what it is.So, civilization can;t maintain maximum control over us.
Civilization does maintain control, but only to an extent.It can only partly control you.One does what he/she wants depending on his/her beliefs, values, and morals.Of course, civilization does have regulations and consequences for those who break them, and this is why it maintains control.One would be afraid to commit a crime because he knows he/she might get caught and he;ll/she;ll go to jail or worse.But everyday or so on the news, in newspapers, and other sources of information, we find reports about suicides, murders, drug and alcohol use, and other crimes.This is why it only maintains control to an extent.No o…


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