Logo Research Evaluation

Cadbury Logo
It has only one colour which makes it easy recognisable.The style of the font is unique, and the ‘C’ is curly, maybe symbolising the chocolate being stirred. Besides the word “Cadbury” there are two glasses with milk being poured out of them into what looks like a bowl of chocolate which is being mixed. This combination is very easily remembered.

Specsavers Logo
It has a green shape in the background which looks like a pair of glasses, and where they overlap at the middle it’s darker green. Across the middle of the shape it says “Specsavers” in a large informative font, and then “Opticians” in a smaller font underneath. The remaining parts of the word “Specsavers” are underlined. All the writing is in white which makes it stand out on the coloured background. This is easily recognisable because Specsavers is an opticians and when you see the glasses shape you automatically associate it with Specsavers.

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MSN Messenger Logo
This logo has no text, just a picture. It is of two portraits, they are in 3D and are computer graphics. The front one is in a turquoise green colour, and the background one is in a lighter green. This logo is so easily recognisable, even without words, because it is so well known and easily remembered due to it’s simplicity.

Deftones Logo
This logo is easily recognised because of it’s unique style. It is always presented in a bold italic font, and is often shown as white on a dark background colour. In this case it’s white outlined in black which makes the word stand out. It would probably be a more effective logo if it had an image with it.

Scarling. Logo
This logo is simple yet effective. It’s a black circle on a square with a hot pink background. Inside the black circle is a heart with a pair of scissors sticking into it, in a simple white outline. Underneath the heart is the word “scarling.” in quite a plain, white font. The white on black on hot pink is a memorable combination of colo…


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