Lobby Hero: A Reaction Paper

"Lobby Hero" is a comedy/romance about a young security guard named Jeff, who has had a rough time after being dishonorably discharged from the Navy for smoking marijuana.The setting of the play is in a high rise apartment building in Manhattan, New York.The only demanding element of Jeff's job is his supervisor, William.William is always scolding Jeff for being disorganized and sloppy.As days go by, Jeff and William begin to understand each other more.William starts to confide in Jeff and Jeff begins to take some of William's advice on life.One night in particular, William confided in Jeff that his brother was arrested for murder and his brother lied and told the cops that he was with William.William had to make the hard decision of whether or not to tell the truth to the detectives when asked about his brother.
The story shifts and starts to focus on Bill, a very senior cop, and his partner in training, Dawn.From the moment they walk into the apartment building, Jeff is in love.Bill is very intimidating and Dawn falls for him.But, she soon finds out that he's not who she thinks he is. He comes to the apartment building to visit a friend in apartment 12-J.After Jeff tells her what Bill is doing with this friend, she is furious.She also begins to confide in Jeff.It is very obvious that she is trying to prove to someone that she really can be a cop.After the detectives question William, and he lies for his brother, things begin to slip out.Bill has a conversation with William and tells him that he believes everything he says.But Dawn is skeptical, so she goes to Jeff.Jeff eventually tells Dawn the truth, after being probed and probed.Once everything is out in the open, things begin to settle down.
The costumes in "Lobby Hero" were well proportioned to the characters.It was very well aware what part the characters were trying to portray.Jeff was dresse…


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