Literture and emotions

Literature and Emotions

Literature is most certainly an outgrowth of its

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culture. Also it provides information on the current events

and the status of that particular country. It offers

insight as to what people are thinking and feeling. Not to

mention that it brings sun light upon the history of the

era. Literature does reflect the thoughts and feelings of

its culture and this is clearly seen with many characters

of the United States facing disappointment, uncertainty,

bitterness, the loss of youthful naive optimism, self-

centeredness and many more emotions all humans face.

In "The Sculptors Funeral" by Willa Cather, Jim Laird

is most definitely the most significant character, for he

is the one that understood the Harvey Merrick. Many reasons

can be argued for that fact, but one factor remains for

sure; he was an idealist and realist who could identify

with him, for he was a link between Boston which some say

represent the world and that community in Kansas. Jim Laird

reflects the thoughts and feelings of the culture through

his disappointment. For this was a man who sought to be an

idealist, but he failed. For he said, "Well, I came back

here and became the damned shyster you wanted me to be".

Hence, one can see that his disappointment in becoming what

he wanted to be- failed and he had to become a lawyer. This

was definitely reflective of the times, for materialism and

idealism were waging war against one another. Also Jim

Laird said, "Oh, you're discriminating Christians… a genius

should ever have been called from this place of hatred and

bitter waters… upon which town may God have mercy!" Here

one may see that when he defended the successful idealist

known as Harvey, that he acknowledged that although he

failed, Harvey went after his dream and go it. And for

that he should be…


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