lion in winter

King Henry II, his wife, Eleanor of Acquitaine, and their three sons, Richard, Geoffrey, and John are the main characters. The sons all want their father’s throne, and their mother has a few tricks under her sleeve. The king wants to see his kingdom to last forever, and is willing to marry his mistress to have more sons. King Henry has only two passions in this film, one to torment his wife and two give his kingdom to one of his own blood. See this terrifying drama unfold with action and excitement comes to an end.
Peter O’Toole is absolutely awesome as King Henry II, thefirst king to ever have this much drama in a lifetime. His best scene is where he is in his castle and just got done speaking with Phillip the King of France and Henry and his wife are talking about who will receive the throne and he get so upset he says," Well I will just have to live forever!!" He was a very stubborn man and wanted to keep the throne forever. I feel that he really didn't want to give the throne away because it made him feel powerless and old.No one plays a better role than Peter O'Toole in this movie.
Eleanor of Acquitaine was one of the most powerful women in the history of the western world, and Katherine Hepburn plays the role very well and shows all emotions of every kind. After ten minutes of watching this movie I wanted to strangle her by her own hair. She also plays an over acted role but pulls it off better than anyone else could.
A very young Anthony Hopkins appears as Prince Richard in one of hisfirst screen roles. Hopkins plays the role of the stronger and bolder role and he has one secret that everyone gets a slap in the face with. He’s got all of Henry’s aggression, and none of his brains. Anthony Hopkins good performance must be what lead him to the medieval movie "Gladiator" .
John Castle plays Geoffrey, the witty son who would do anything to get on the thrown but hasn't a chance, so…


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