Lion in the streets

In playwright Judith Thompson’s LION IN THE STREETS, the world is seen
through the eyes of a young girl who has been murdered.Isobel (Alexandria
Sage) wanders amidst the lives of family members and neighborhood people
discovering death all around her – literally, spiritually, and morally.
Sage does a marvelous job as the lost soul looking for a home.Enhanced
by a splendid cast comprised of Elizabeth Elkins, Lisa Pierotti, Charles
Willey, Tim Corcoran, Leo Farley, and Paula Ewin, LION IN THE STREETS
is a powerful play about the difficulties of living and dying.Thompson
presents a series of scenarios about infidelity and betrayal, illness, deception,
and other daily dilemmas.Throughout, the cast don different personas and
occasionally cavort in modern dance expressions against a background of
theatre class offers an entirely professional, way-above-average rendition of Lion In The Streets, Judith Thompson’s rich and challenging 1990 drama.
The actors’ controlled, complex performances are further enhanced by Jeannette Lambermont’s hip, dynamic direction, and are played out against a flawless technical backdrop of set, lighting and costume.
The play, enacted by a cast of 28, is a series of dreamlike vignettes that delve into the many secret miseries of 30-something urbanites. One woman battles bone cancer, a housewife confronts her unfaithful husband, a man obsessively recalls a homoerotic experience with a childhood friend, a woman with cerebral palsy longs for sexual fulfilment, and all the while, a little girl wanders the streets, looking for a lion.
In thefirst act, Thompson skilfully blends tragedy with farce, so the sorrowful vignettes never descend into pure melodrama. Tantalizing, imaginative and eerily sad, thefirst act excites anticipation for the second.
The second act, however, introduces a barrage of new characters whose tragedies meld into a ceaseless, agonizing wail. Surprisingly, th…


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