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 Anton Chekhov is a Russian writer.He was born in 1860 in Taganro, Russia.
His childhood was spent in the slums of a poor neighborhood.He and his brothers
worked long hours in the shop owned by his father.Later, he develops pleurisy in
his lungs which develops into tuberculosis.One year later, his father went bankrupt.
His father had always dreamed of a better life, and had recently moved into a better
house on a better street.To escape from being thrown in prison for not paying his
debts, his father took part of his family and fled to Moscow.Anton stayed behind in
Taganro.While in Moscow, his father's family sunk even deeper into debt.They
were living in a basement in the slum area of town.In 1879, Anton graduated from
the university and went to Moscow to study medicine.During this time, he wrote
short stories, and drew comical sketches to help support his family. While he was in
Moscow, he and his best friend would save their money to go to the local theater.
Later, they made their way back stage, and were asked to perform in some plays.
This was the beginning of Anton's theatrical performances.Even though he began
his medical studies in Moscow, his great love was writing short stories and plays.
Subsequently, he became famous in the literature field, but in 1889 his health was
deteriorating.By being a doctor, he knew that he had tuberculosis of the lungs and
the intestines.Later, in 1901, while writing The Three Sisters, he returned to
Moscow to bemarried to Olga, an actress who had leading roles in several of his
plays at the Museum Art Theater. During their marriage, they wrote numerous
letters back and forth.Chekhov was now in constant pain and would tire easily
while writing.He decided to travel with Olga to Berlin to see a specialist, but the
treatment only provided temporary relief.He died on July 9, 1904.


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