Life of Goya

With the coronation of the two Catholic rulers, Ferdinand and Isabella in 1479, the country of Spain slowly began to unite. Piece by piece, the King and Queen recaptured once lost lands and built their empire. In 1516 Carlos V rose to power, establishing the Hapsburg reign. The Hapsburg ruled for nearly two hundred years until the death of Charles II. With him died a Golden Age for Spain that the Catholic rulers established. Spain fell into a time of mass poverty, disorganization, and lackadaisical rule. One force that was structured in Spain was the church. Catholicism was not only a religion in Spain but also a significant influence in society. At the time, however, it did little to improve the conditions.Classes were heavily lopsided. The middle class was almost non-existent, and the upper class monopolized agricultural land. The provinces of Aragon, La Mancha, and Castile were where most of the poverty and depression was concentrated.Costal cities like Cadiz and Madrid were where prosperity existed. In the midst of commencing political and aristocratic turmoil, was born one of the most talented and patriotically concerned artists Spain has ever seen.
On March 30, 1745 in the rural town of Fuendetodos, Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes was born.He was born poor and at the fall of the Hapsburg Monarchy. Goya's father was the son of a notary, or a small time lawyer, and his mother Dona Gracia Lucientes, was a hidalgo. Hidalgos were the lowest order in Spanish nobility. Goya
was still a boy when he and his family moved to the city of Saragossa. Saragossa contained more life than the rural city of Fuendetodos. Here he began school, where he barely learned to read and write. After attending elementary school, Francisco went to a Jesuit school or "college". It was here where the foundation of his career was laid. It was recommended that he develop his natural skills in drawing. A local master painter, named …


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