Les Miserables… with a twist!!!

Interesting, captivating, and just as witty as the original musical Les Misérables, an interesting musical directed by Whats Hername. Why is it with a twist? Although the storyline is exactly the same as the original Les Misérables, there are a couple of changes to this version… the most obvious being the length. Most of the songs are included, however they are shortened. The running time of the musical was approximately 40 minutes, versus the two hours of the original.
There was an extremely large cast and I did find it entertaining that at some points the actors of the characters would change. Such as Cosette, for example. I noticed that the actress for her character changed quite a bit. Although some people would find this to be disorganized, I found it amusing that each actress could portray her so well.
France, 1815.Jean Valjean, imprisoned for 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread, breaks his parole.The musical charts his journey through life, during which he adopts a child and watches her fall in love with a student who goes to fight on the barricades.All the time, his past haunts him in the form of an obsessive policeman, Javert, who will do anything to bring Valjean to " justice".
Les Misérables is an epic story of love and redemption played out against the backdrop of the French Revolution. Although the version I watched was more on the humorous side and not as dramatic as the original, I found that it was a rather nice change to not have watched something so long and serious.
The performances given by all the actors was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the show even though it was not original. I highly recommend watching it.
I give it 4 stars out of a possible 5. I highly recommend this play


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