lasswell’s model of communicat

An Evaluation of the 2004 Philippine Election Campaign Using Lasswell;s Model of Communication
Comparing the recent Philippine election with the past ones, one would notice the great dependence on media during the campaign of the candidates in the recent race. It seems that most candidates really knew the extent of media;s influence in the outcome of the elections.Moreover, the results of the election further indicate how much media plays a part in our decisions for our country.Harold Lasswell;s communication model can be used to evaluate this recent event and see why some candidates prevailed and others did not.
Thefirst stage of Lasswell;s model, ;Who;, seeks to explain who is in control.It would be reasonable to argue that those who were ;in control; in the campaign period were those who won seats in the government.In relation to George Gerbner;s model, those who were ;in control; were those who had access to the media.During the campaign period, TV audiences were bombarded with political advertisements, of which candidates spent millions for, especially during prime time.Because of this expensive way of campaigning, we can conclude that riches played a great part in the recent elections.Money was one way of gaining access to the media in order to reach people of different sectors. Their frequent appearances have helped them gain recognition.
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo reportedly spent P333 million while Fernando Poe Jr. used up 92.1 million.Noli de Castro was said to have spent P89.6 million while his main vice presidential rival, Loren Legarda spent P64.9 million. Another VP candidate, Herminio Aquino declared in his statement of expenditures and contributions a total of P6.58 million, way below compared to that of the other two other candidates; expense.Among the senatorial bets, Manuel ;Mar; Roxas, the candidate with the most vote…


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