Lascaux Cave Closed

I think that they should keep the caves closed from public access.I believe that prehistoric caves with preserved art that starts to deteriorate due to human disturbances should be closed to preserve the findings for professionals and for future generations.
The cave in Lascaux has wall art showing the animal life living around the artists.There are over 1500 pictures of animals and proof of wild life from centuries before. Humans are not depicted naturally; they were drawn more like stick figures.There are also historic treasures hidden for centuries found in the cave everywhere you look.This cave was found by accident and now gives meaning to historical evidence.The Rouffignac Cave, also known as "The Cave of the Hundred Mammoths", is still open to the public, but can only be explored by electric train tours.The artwork is threatened by the same causes as the artwork in Lascaux Cave.This prehistoric art is at risk and the cave requires a critical equilibrium.
Caves work as a great preservation spot for artifacts.Deterioration can come from natural causes, or animal or human disturbances.Alternate freezing and thawing causes "scaling" of the rock, or also a form of peeling.Modern day environment changes have caused severe weather causing peeling to occur more rapidly.Increased openings have caused more natural light into the caves, which increases the growth of mosses and other vegetation on the cave walls.Artificial lighting from light fixtures mounted on the cave walls, which causes damage to the cave walls and "fades" the pictures.If caves are open the air masses circulate more easily, also excess amounts of carbon dioxide would circulate from the air and visitor's breath.Carbonic acid dissolves the limestone of the cave walls.Seepage of rainwater mixed with modern day thermal conditions causes calcite on the walls of the caves, which would cover the wall paint…


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