Kiss me kate

The Play "Kiss Me Kate" was a very good and entertaining musical.I enjoyed the humor and liveliness of the musical. Cole Porter accompanied the musical with great songs that made you want to get up and dance.It was like you never knew what was going to happen next or what was going to be said because there were so many surprises.The many comical scenes of the play made it enjoyable to watch.With the many dancers, songs, costumes, and lighting changes the musical incorporated many theatrical elements, that made the musical all the better.
One of the most outstanding things about the play "Kiss Me Kate" was the way all of the characters portrayed their roles in such a realistic way. One character that really stood out to me was Lois Lane (Bianca). I loved her character because she portrayed the blonde ditsy bombshell very well. It was very realistic because she always talked in a upbeat voice and with little squeaks. She was also very sexy in her actions. The actor did a wonderful performance of allowing the audience to see these characteristics of Lois. I also liked the character of Fred Graham (Petruchio) who was a very bossy and a male chauvinist.The actor portrayed the character very well in his cockiness and deep male voice. The actor would also always walk around with his head up to show he was better than everyone else. The character of Lilli Vanessi (Katherine) was also a very well portrayed character.She was a character who portrayed a high-class lady of importance, which was a bit conceited. At the beginning of the play she walked in with her head held high and a stride in her walk.You could absolutely tell she thought very highly of herself. She was also very stubborn and did not want to let her real feelings show.The actor did a wonderful job in her portraying her character by always keeping her chin up and using a very strong voice.
The play was performed in a proscenium stage theatr…


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