Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole is a very popular name in the fashion industry. Most who know anything about fashion, know about this leading designer.
Hefirst became interested in designing at a very young age and his father, Charles Cole, was more then happy to feed his sons growing fascination. When Kenneth was 10 years old his father would wake him up at 5:30 on Saturday mornings. They wouldfirst eat breakfast together and discuss how things were doing in their respective worlds. After breakfast they would go to Charles' shoe factory, situated in lower Manhattan. Kenneth would sit in his fathers' office and watch him as he worked.
In the early 1970's Kenneth went to Emory University in Atlanta to get his undergraduate degree, with the intention to eventually attend law school. But, just as Kenneth was about to start his legal education his fathers' right hand man left the factory to start his own business. To help his father out in this hard time, Kenneth decided to put off his education and learn his fathers' business.
Atfirst Kenneth didn't have much experience, but in order to succeed in eventually taking over his fathers' business he knew he would have to create a good image for himself. Since he couldn't impress his co-workers with the quality of his work he would have to impress them with the quantity of his work. He paid close attention and if thefirst worker would usually show up at 6:30 in the morning, Kenneth would show up at 6:15.
Over the next few years, Kenneth and his father built a very successful business together. It was then. In 1982, that Kenneth realized that he needed to take it to the next level, by starting his own business. With his fathers' encouragement, Kenneth set out with confidence and never once looked back.
Atfirst Kenneth started with a ladies' footwear collection. But today he has delved into men's and ladies footwear, accessorie


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