Thefirst reaction that we had when reading the poem was sadness. In thefirst stanzas, the poet is very depressed, at the point that he says something related to having some poison In order to commit suicide. We think it is an easy way to get rid of his problems and avoid his suffering.

Maybe in order to escape from a world full of pain, the poet tries to move us to a world of imagination. So through this device, we can again find Keats' ability to encourage the reader's mind to imagine more things than those actually printed in a paper.

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Moreover, we have the presence of dualism, which is another important element in Keats' works. We can see this through the idea of presenting things in such a manicheistic way. For instance, the concepts of joy and pain,

We compared this work with Poe's poem The Raven, which is about a man who evokes, through listening to a bird, the memory of a loved woman. This raven represented in some way the lyric speaker's unconscious. The same happens in Ode to a nightingale where the lyric speaker is very sad in a certain moment of the story, but afterwards, and also through listening to a bird- a nightingale- the poet is carried away to another level, something very spiritual and sensitive. The level in which the lyric speaker is now is definitely less painful and has helped him to feel much better. Another possibility is that the lyric speaker not only evokes her lover through listening to this bird, but also imagines her so that gives him some pleasure.
Due to the presence of the bird we have the concept of beauty since it makes reference to nature, which is a fundamental concept for romantic poetry


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